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Running Coaching Chester

If you’d like to be coached by Kieran from the kilometre club, hit the “Enquire Now” button and complete the quick questionnaire.

Once submitted I will arrange a consultation call. Following this we can create a detailed plan of action and share with you your training plan through our app of choice – Training Peaks.

Instead of creating generic plans which are copied and pasted for any Tom, Dick or Harry, we prefer to create individual and specific plans tailored to each runner with their goals and aspirations in mind. This means that no two plans are the same.

As well as running advice we also share guidance with strength training, rest days, fueling, race day preparation and much much more!

After recently completing London Marathon in a time of 2:55 alongside playing football semi-professionally, working full-time, running the club and having a family and social life, I understand that you can work hard and hit your goals as well as maintaining a healthy work/life balance!


Our Plans

Something For Everyone – Built To Succeed

A Running Coach: What Can We Help With?

Running Technique

Stride analysis to identify and fix weaknesses

Injury Prevention

Minimise muscle soreness, and keep you injury free

Pace Training

Learn to control your pace and get the most out of every run


Running can be as much of a mental challenge as physical. We'll help you stay positive and motivated

Race Prepartion

Get you race ready & avoid some common pre-race mistakes

Strength Training

Stronger muscle tissue can keep fatigue down to minimum and keep you on track with your training

Footwear Advice

Incompatabile trainers can cause a wide array of injuries. We'll ensure all equipment used is fit for the job

Target Setting

Find out what you want to achieve and set realistic but challenging goals.

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