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Member Spotlight – Georgia

19 Sep 2023

This week under the spotlight is Georgia Bundy

We asked Georgia about why she runs with the KMC & who her bestie at the club is. Georgia is always good for a laugh & full of energy, a real great member of the team – thanks for taking part G!


Why do you run?

I run because it helps me take my mind off things that are on my mind, it helps me think things over and de-stress. I also love the. feeling after a good run, the sense of achievement especially after a long run or a pb.


Why do you run with the kilometre club?

I run with the kilometre club because it holds you accountable, the people that i have met through running with the club have become really good friends. It’s like one big family! It brings a sense of belonging and its nice to get out with like-minded people. I enjoy going on the different routes and have a coach who is dedicated to the club and organisation.


Whose your bestie at the club?

That’s a tough one but its hard decision between Laura and Neil. Laura’s become a really good friend of mine and its nice to catch up with her outside the club. Neil is hilarious and like my big brother. He’s so thoughtful.


Whose the faster runner at the club?

Obviously coach Kieran but there’s a lot of fast runners like Sheridan, Zoe and Neil.


If you had to pick your last meal on earth, what would it be?

Again that another tough one, but it would be a tomato seafood linguine (anything Italian to be honest)

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