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Running club member Brea
Running club member Brea

Member Spotlight – Brea

13 Sep 2023

This week under the spotlight is Brea Taddei

We asked Katy about why she runs & why she runs with the kilometre club. Definitely one of the best responses we’ve had to the last ever meal question too. Thanks for taking part Brea!


Why do you run?

To keep fit & because I feel it’s like a medicine for my mental health.


Why do you run with the kilometre club?

Because it’s just the best group of people and a great way to stay consistent with my running.


Which is your favourite run / meet-up of the week?

Sunday! I love that endorphin boost on a Sunday morning, even if I am sometime hungover!

What are your favourite running trainers?

Nike Vaporflys. 

Whose the faster runner at the club?

Not me! Obviously Kieran and I think Zoe for the girls.

How many times a week do you run?

I aim for 3 times per week but sometimes more if I’m feeling good.


Whose your bestie at the club?

Georgie Bundy and Jen Supapol but I love all the girls!

If you had to pick your last meal on earth, what would it be?

This is tough, but I’m going with duck & tuffle pate from M&S to start, followed by an Indian chicken tikka massala with chips, rice and a garlic naan! Chocolate fudge cake for dessert.

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